Let's escape all horizons

Voyages Léonard has been a renowned coach operator for over 70 years and is also a trusted tour operator. Active in Belgium, France and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, its agencies offer a vast range of services: coach and air travel, cruises, theme tours, day trips or getaways. Any service, from individual transport to organised stays, can be planned "à la carte."

Voyages Léonard takes care of all the logistical aspects: planning the stay, booking, accommodation and all the other necessary formalities. It has many specialities: organisation of professional, group or family trips, discovery tours, excursions, school trips, amusement park outings, sporting events, and more.

In 2011, this Belgian company joined the SLG Group. Building on a strong corporate culture and a CSR approach, our employees and customers have a real opportunity to get closer to each other. Voyages Leonard is particularly proud of how it uses its skills to operate TEC bus routes and, with FLIBCO, to provide shuttle services to and from Charleroi airport.

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