SLG Whistleblower

Your platform for reporting and protection

As a responsible company, our priority is to guarantee a healthy and safe working environment that complies with the laws and regulations in force.

We are aware that, despite our vigilance, you may be exposed to situations in which these conditions are not met. It is essential that you let us know so that we can take action.

That's why we've created a reporting platform dedicated to whistleblowing, accessible to all Group employees.


What is a whistleblowing platform?

This is a secure website where you can confidentially report any breaches of laws or regulations of which you may have become aware in the course of your working environment and which you do not wish to address directly to your superiors or the Human Resources department.

You can make your report in writing or verbally by recording your statement. You can report anonymously if you wish (unless you feel you are a victim of harassment).

Here are some examples of reports:

  • Harassment or discrimination in the workplace 
  • Sexual harassment 
  • Violation of company policies, ethical standards, or the law
  • Endangerment of physical safety or health 
  • Abuse of power, fraud, conflict of interest, etc

What happens once you make a report?

Your report is immediately forwarded to the team in charge (Laurence Raphael, Head of Legal and Fabrice Encelle, Director of Human Resources), who will deal with it confidentially and within the legal deadlines.

If your report concerns one of the team members responsible for handling whistleblowing cases, the site offers you the option of not forwarding your report to that person.

You will have permanent access to your report and can follow its progress on the site, even if you have made an anonymous report.

Only the team in charge of case management will be informed of your report. Anonymity and confidentiality will always be guaranteed, particularly with regard to your hierarchy.


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We encourage each of you to use this platform responsibly and to contribute to the preservation of a corporate culture based on integrity.
If you have any questions about this tool, please contact our Human Resources team.

Access to this page is restricted to employees of SLG Group entities.