Sales-Lentz wins the Green Mobility Award and the Green Strategy Award

On the occasion of the 7th edition of the Luxembourg Green Business awards whose aim is to highlight the best initiatives and good practices of the Luxembourg actors, Sales-Lentz won 2 prizes.

In front of more than 150 participants in the new Namur establishment, the Green Mobility Award, has been handed over to Sales-Lentz for its innovative initiatives and the creation of new structures in recent months: The first “opportunity charging” station and Diffbus, the first 100% electric municipal public network in the world. In addition, Sales-Lentz’s e-Mobility fleet consists of 6 electric buses, 12 electric hybrids and 36 hybrids. The technical director Mr. Georges Hilbert underlines: “We said that the future is going to be electric, yet the present is already.”

The second prize, the Green Strategy Award, highlights Sales-Lentz for its environmental innovations and its socially responsible commitment to sustainable development. This is demonstrated through the status of the Luxembourg leader in Smart Mobility and the promotion of urban and sustainable eco-mobility. The company also conducts a CSR policy labeled ESR by the INDR since 2010. In this regard, Georges Hilbert explains that the strategy of the company at the level of the missions and visions has been fully reviewed since 2009, in order to renew the fleet, connect and digitalise it to reduce CO2 emissions.

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