Acting responsibly, whether within the company, for the environment or society, is in the nature of our entrepreneurial activities.

As a family business, we know how important it is to take responsibility for the future. We want to ensure a sustainable future for future generations, which is why environmental protection has always been of great importance to us.

As an international employer, we bear responsibility for numerous talented individuals. We feel duty-bound to secure jobs and create new ones.

Our corporate social responsibility

SLG consistently and with conviction pursues a strategy of corporate responsibility in all its areas of business. The corporate principles established in 2007 form the basis of our approach to CSR.

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Our responsibility towards our employees

More than 2000 talents shape our group of companies. More than 1700 colleagues employed in Luxembourg and more than 300 internationally are the driving force behind our success. 

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Our responsibility for the environment

We are committed to the environment wherever possible. This is why we are striving to become ever more climate-friendly and sustainable.

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Our responsibility towards society

Responsibility for society and social commitment are an integral part of our corporate guidelines. We consider it our duty to support a humanitarian project every year.

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As an employer, we are aware of our responsibility towards our employees, the environment, society and future generations. That is why we always adopt a sustainable and resource-conserving mindset in all areas of our business.
Jos Sales, Managing partner SLG