Responsibility for the environment

Nature has a direct impact on our lives, so we take our environmental responsibility very seriously. We are actively committed to protecting the environment wherever possible.

As an environmentally conscious company, we strive to improve resource management across the Group. We avoid wasting natural resources and prefer to use alternative fuels. We also choose mainly ecological materials and equipment from our partners and suppliers. We demand a high level of environmental responsibility from them as well as from our employees.

As a pioneer in the field of technological and ecological innovations, we want to constantly expand and develop our environmentally friendly strategies.

Energy and Climate

Promoting the energy transition through technical innovations and the increasing use of energy from renewable raw materials is the driving force behind our investment strategy.

Solar power

As early as 2004, one of Luxembourg's largest photovoltaic installations was inaugurated on the site of our headquarters in Bascharage (a total of 2,215 modules). On an area spanning almost 2,000 m2, these solar modules develop an output of 354kWp and thus avoid the emission of around 150 tonnes of CO2 per year.

In the meantime, further depots have been equipped with solar modules and new projects are in the pipeline. The average annual production on the roofs of Bascharage is 190 MWh, which allows, for example, 140,000 km of driving in an all-electric city bus.

Carbon footprint

Our Group is one of the European pioneers in the field of technological and environmental innovation.

Sales-Lentz was one of the first bus operators to introduce the new hybrid, hybrid-electric and electric bus technologies. 12.7 million kilometres have already been completed totally emissions-free with the 100% electric bus fleet and the share of journeys made with hybrid and hybrid-electric buses.

Other brands are also working hard to improve their carbon footprint, for example through home office or car pooling. Moyocci uses bicycles and kick scooters to get to work, while Travel Pro avoids unnecessary travel and uses CO2 offsetting for air travel.

Conserving resources

As an environmentally conscious Group, we avoid wasting natural resources. With a corresponding management strategy, we want to help safeguard raw materials for future generations.

Saving paper

For years we have been trying to reduce the consumption of paper to a minimum. Instead of constantly printing everything out, we increasingly rely on digital storage and sending.

Numerous digitalisation projects, such as digital payroll or electronic signatures, not only simplify our processes, but also save time, money and paper.

Saving energy

Saving energy conserves the planet's resources. That is why we want to make our properties and depots energy-efficient.

A lot of energy can be saved in the office or in everyday working life with just a few measures: by switching off electrical appliances, shared printers, automatic lighting systems, energy-saving light bulbs, modernisation of old heating systems, intelligent adjustment of heating or air conditioning, thermal insulation and green electricity through solar energy.

In the end, it is the sum of many little things that makes the difference.

Saving water

With a fleet of over 600 vehicles, regular cleaning of the fleet is unavoidable. In order to make effective savings here, water recovery is essential.


Reducing waste and promoting recycling on the way to a circular economy is a commitment for all Group activities.

Waste separation

The best waste is that which is not produced in the first place. But if waste cannot be avoided, it should at least be recycled. Therefore, all our companies promote the sorting and subsequent recycling of waste through various arrangements.

Waste separation was also taken into account in the redesign of our Headquarters break rooms.

Label SuperDrecksKëscht

Sales-Lentz has carried the label "SuperDrecksKëscht® fir Betriber" for over 15 years.

The label is a recognised quality mark for environmentally sound waste management and prevention.

The label enables us to demonstrate our ecological and economical waste management credentials.

Collecting and using rainwater

Many bus depots are equipped with rainwater recovery systems. For example, we collect on > 4,500 m2 of roof space > 3,500 m3 per year.

We put people first, which is why we develop sustainable solutions for tomorrow's everyday life.