Responsibility for Society

As an international employer, we see ourselves as an integral part of the economy and society. We see it as our duty not only to secure jobs, but also to create new ones.

As an innovative company, we want to change the future in a sustainable way. The will to be a technological pioneer in every area opens the door to new ideas. If these prove to be useful for our customers, we implement them!

We also support several humanitarian and charitable organisations each year. Our philanthropic engagement is largely based on long-standing partnerships and focuses primarily on projects that are in line with our CSR philosophy.


Innovation is one of our development drivers. It motivates and inspires us. Every day it takes us to an exciting destination: the future!

Pioneer in the field of alternative drive technology

In 2009, we began to focus on new drive technologies and forms of mobility. Since then, there has been no shortage of innovative projects.

In our eyes, the mobility of tomorrow is - of course - electric!

But converting such a large fleet of vehicles to electric drives is no easy task. Even though e-mobility is gaining momentum in Europe, the extensive charging infrastructures must first be planned and created. This is a challenge we are happy to take on!

Digital transformation

In recent years, and especially since the pandemic, new habits and needs have emerged among both clients and staff. We see it as our duty to respond to these new needs.

Whether it's digital travel documents, virtual travel advice, new services or Internet on the bus, we want to create solutions that simplify our everyday lives.

Mobile High Power Charger

In order to remain flexible, self-sufficient and mobile as a bus company with a constantly growing e-mobility fleet, Sales-Lentz opted for the MHPC (Mobile High Power Charger) mobile fast-charging station developed by ADS-TEC Energy with battery storage based on a truck trailer. It delivers a total output of 3.2 megawatts, which is the average output of about 3,200 single-family homes. In this way, we remain flexible in terms of location, can charge at different places and are independent of the medium-voltage grid connection.

The truck is charged at night in our depot in Bascharage using green electricity from the solar panels.

Impact on the local economy

As a group of companies, we are aware of our responsibility to integrate and safeguard existing jobs. Our primary concern is to guarantee these.


We do everything we can to remain economically stable in order to secure our employees' jobs and attract new talents.


We focus on expanding our services and want to be a driving force for the future of Luxembourg and Europe. We are committed to continuous and slow growth through clear strategies, competent management and sound finances.


We see it as our duty to support charitable organisations. Every year, we support targeted projects centred around humanistic values.

SLG supports: Study Help

Education enables perspectives!

We support the charitable organisation Study Help since many years. This helps young talented individuals in Romania, most of whom come from difficult family situations and cannot afford further academic education. We sponsor several students who, thanks to our donations, can continue their studies and thus have good career prospects.

SLG supports: Doors Project

The young Luxembourg team builds schools in Thailand, Cambodia and Bangladesh. We have only been supporting this project for a short time, but it is extraordinary what the team has already achieved. They live up to their name because they tear down administrative walls and build doors to a sustainable education.

SLG supports: Sharing a Smile

Sharing a Smile is a non-profit organisation founded in January 2020 by six students aged 18 to 21.

The charity helps Nepalese orphans and works to ensure that the children can enjoy a good quality of education.


With a pioneering spirit and an out-of-the-box mentality, we are constantly looking for innovative and sustainable solutions that inspire people and improve the everyday life of tomorrow.
Marc Sales, Managing partner SLG