Corporate social responsibility

As a pioneer of sustainable development, we established a charter with nine corporate values back in 2007. They are at the heart of our corporate culture and describe what we stand for and how we work.

These values also form the basis of our corporate social responsibility strategy and are reflected in the entire group's approach to CSR. From this foundation, each brand's approach may differ depending on its operational activity.

Through the application of the "Enterprise 2030" method, SLG positions itself in relation to the Global Goals of the UN 2030 Agenda and - as a local actor - in relation to the Luxembourg 2030 National Plan for Sustainable Development.

Our corporate principles

A common strategic basis for all SLG brands

The SLG corporate principles and their link to the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN Agenda 2030


We support our employees by advocating absolute equality. We reject any form of discrimination based on gender, origin, religion, age or sexual orientation. We believe that the personal development of our employees is just as important as the relevant use of their specific talents in the different departments. Equal opportunities and respectful interaction are a matter of course at SLG.


The will to be technological pioneers in every area opens the door to new ideas. If these prove to be useful for our customers, we just implement them! To better understand our markets, we regularly carry out studies. The exchange of ideas and reflexions in our teams also makes it possible to develop new solutions to the problems that arise.

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to protecting the environment wherever possible. As an environmentally conscious group of companies, SLG avoids the waste of natural resources and prefers to use energy from renewable sources. When offered by our suppliers, we choose to purchase ecological materials and equipment. We demand a high level of environmental responsibility from our employees and suppliers.

Social commitment

We are aware of our responsibility to integrate and secure jobs. Guaranteeing them is our first concern. In this way, we contribute to the economic success of the regions in which we are active. We are also aware of our role as a pioneer in the field of mobility. We want to actively contribute to the promotion of more responsible, sustainable and respectful tourism. We consider it our duty to support a humanitarian project every year.

Health and Safety

In order to protect our customers and ourselves, the word "safety" resonates as a leitmotif in all our business sectors. The health of our employees is a top priority.


Corporate governance

We are a trustworthy group of companies that favours stable long-term management. By positioning ourselves as an actor of technological and social change, we also want to set ourselves new challenges. The ambition that drives us is reflected in our current philosophy "Driven by tomorrow": We want to find innovative ideas that make our customer's lives easier and better. The basis for our pursuit of stability and innovation always has the same foundation for our CEOs: professionalism, responsiveness and efficiency.

Customer relationship

We want to offer our customers quality advice in a timely manner and fair value for money. To build a long-term relationship, we listen to them carefully. As they are at the heart of our business and of our thoughts, we treat their comments and criticisms seriously and with respect.

Supplier partnership

SLG treats its suppliers as important partners. We determine our agreements in accordance with the terms and deadlines on which we have mutually agreed. We select our suppliers according to quality and budget criteria, but prefer those who maintain a similar corporate culture as we do.

Our approach to competition

Our group of companies respects the physical and intellectual property of market participants. This means that the appropriation of commercial information by illegal and unethical means must be excluded. We reject any questionable action that could give us a competitive advantage.