By positioning ourselves as an actor of technological and social change, we also seek to meet new challenges. The ambition that drives us is embodied in our current philosophy “Driven by tomorrow”: to find innovative ideas that make our customers’ daily lives easier and better. We want to make a difference. And we are making every effort to do so.

Partnership: long-time partners

To provide our customers with services and products that excel in quality, we select the most competent and renowned suppliers. They are more like partners because they share our corporate values and principles. We work with them – hand in hand – to steadily improve our services and products. We naturally support them whenever they develop new projects. That’s how Europe’s largest limousine was born! Goodyear has entrusted us with the testing of its UltraGrip tires. Thanks to Volvo, our group has become the forerunner of hybrid buses with a charging interface. Maintaining long-term relationships with our partners has another advantage: very often, these professional relationships have led to real friendships.


We deeply believe that creativity and responsibility can make people’s lives easier, safer and more modern. That’s why, as a company, we are open to new ideas. Each innovative idea is studied in terms of its usefulness to our customers and, if suitable, implemented. Our strategy to be at the forefront of progress: addressing future issues in real time, conducting regular studies to analyse the market, consistently designing new solutions. Our goal is to build a long-term relationship with our customers: they are and always remain at the centre of our activities. Building SLG as an attractive employer brand is just as essential. That’s why we are creating motivating jobs and reaffirming our commitment to promoting talent in all areas of the company. Our employees exchange and grow with us.