Social environment

SLG organises and offers a complete programme of training, apprenticeships and refresher courses related to each sector. We strive to foster a working atmosphere that encourages the exchange of ideas.

Well-being at work

The management of our staff is based on communication, trust, motivation and support. We add a motivating salary, which will evolve according to performance. SLG values teamwork and mutual respect, conducive to the constructive exchange of ideas. When passing on important information, our employees always have priority. Communication, both internal and external, is paramount.

Health and safety

We think ‘safe’ means that our customers travel in vehicles of superior technology, with impeccable maintenance and driven by highly qualified and trained personnel. To protect our customers and ourselves, the word ‘security’ resonates as a leitmotif in all areas of our business.
In the same spirit, Sales-Lentz organises at its bus depot in Bascharage the “Bus-Schoul” playful training courses on road traffic for primary school children,

Training courses in 2019

  • 330 hours of safety training were provided to our personnel.
  • Discover the Bus-Schoul


Support and training

For us, it is essential that our employees have the opportunity to develop their skills and, if they wish, explore new career paths. For this reason, there is a wide range of continuing education courses available to the various SLG entities. We strive to closely follow trainees and interns at every stage of their apprenticeship.

Training courses in 2019

  • 3,400 employees participated in at least one training course.
  • 24,440 hours of training have been provided