Innovation is one of the driving forces behind our development. It motivates and inspires us. Every day, it guides us towards an exciting destination: the future! That's why SLG is constantly on the lookout for innovative ideas and new technologies developed around the world. We aim to apply them locally and pass on the benefits to our customers. Better than a wish, it's already a reality, thanks to our network of reliable partners who help us on a daily basis. Combined with a responsible approach, creativity makes life easier and safer for everyone.


An innovative and ecological service at the heart of urban mobility

True to its pioneering spirit, SLG has introduced the first 100% autonomous electric shuttle in the Grand Duchy. These driverless vehicles can carry 15 passengers in the most comfortable and safe conditions. In Luxembourg City, they connect the lift to the funicular (Pfaffenthal) and take you to the Contern industrial district.

It is a technologically and ecologically advanced solution in line with the country’s sustainable development objectives and the European Horizon 2020 project.

By developing this high-tech shuttle fleet, SLG is taking a new step forward in the mobility market and demonstrating that it is ready to face the third industrial revolution.


A service eco-optimized by software

Door2Gate is the new eco-friendly alternative for door-to-door transport from your home to the airport. Its software guarantees shuttle punctuality via an algorithm that optimizes navigation data. The goal of this service, launched by at the end of 2019, is to accommodate a maximum number of passengers without loss of time or comfort.

The launch area covered the Brussels Capital region, its periphery and a large part of Walloon Brabant. It extended to the border of Hainaut, and the final destination was the Brussels South Charleroi Airport.



Coaches transformed into classrooms

“Think globally, act locally,” the SLG motto was put into practise during the Coronavirus crisis. As most of our coaches were parked, we decided to pursue a German colleague’s idea and convert the coaches into classrooms. Our company was able to help a school facing a lack of space, following the measures ordered by the Luxembourg government. The Sales-Lentz teams modified a vehicle to meet the requirements of social distancing. Plexiglass panels were installed between each desk and Wifi access provided for interactive lessons.