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Through our various companies and our services specialised in travel, tourism and mobility, we sincerely wish to contribute to the improvement of people’s daily life in Luxembourg and the Greater Region. That’s why we’re always looking for new solutions that inspire people and simplify their lives.

Thirst for discovery and creative stability

Knowing that there is no limit to the impossible has become our driving force. The unknown offers so many opportunities to look for new solutions again and again! Via our various companies, our goal is to bring people together while making them feel secure. Our mission at SLG is to be an emblematic player in the mobility and travel sector. This implies an unfailing passion for discovery. A reality that has become possible thanks to the many personalities that shape our group and make it more innovative every day. And tomorrow will undoubtedly become even more exciting, thanks to you, our future employees.

Our strength: Committed, future-oriented management and motivated employees

Our strength: Committed, future-oriented management and motivated employees

The future leads to a better present

SLG is an innovative and forward-looking company. Though the company has been around for 70 years, we are far from becoming a sleeping beauty, merely satisfied with the fruits of its success. Understanding the issues of our time has prompted us to implement changes necessary for our existence in the world of tomorrow. If growth is to be sustainable today, the future will be eco-friendly, driven above all by the well-being of human beings and respect for their environment.


How public travel and organized transport were born in Luxembourg

The origins of the family business date back to 1948. Public transport did not exist at that time in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Marc and Jos Sales, the current managing directors of SLG, like to tell the story of how their grandfather Jos Lentz got Luxembourg's mobility off the ground. As a grain farmer, he was the only one with a truck. "A big car', as people in the region used to say. A great football fan, he once had the idea of using his truck to drive his team's supporters to the matches. This was the beginning of the very first public transport in Luxembourg. The overwhelming success of this idea prompted him to take it a step further. The purchase of the first "Bedford" coach allowed him to dare to travel longer and... much more comfortably. In the post-war period, he brought the sea to people who had never had the opportunity to travel. Since the road network did not allow for a return trip on the same day, the group of tourists left on Saturday and spent the night there to enjoy a day by the sea before returning to Luxembourg the next day. Jos Lentz had just invented the first organised trips from Luxembourg and his adventure was just beginning!

Key Dates


First Bus, Bedford-Edelweis

Jos Lentz finally gave in and purchased a “real” bus, an authentic “Bedford,” so that everyone could travel more comfortably.


Football & Factories Transfers

During the winter months, Jos Lentz drove workers from Sanem to the factory in Differdange to save them the arduous bicycle ride between home and work. This much appreciated service became the first official bus line in the south of Luxembourg (Clémency – Differdange). A year later, the acquisition of a second bus made it possible to open the first regular link between Bascharage and Luxembourg City.


Voyages Henri Sales-Lentz Bascharage

Jos Lentz’s daughter, Agnès, marries Henri Sales and the company “Voyages Henri Sales-Lentz” is born. At the beginning of the 1960s, the company’s capital was made up of three regular bus lines, four coaches and an office in Bascharage. This family-owned business quickly became an employer of 20 employees.


The first travel agency

The first branch in Luxembourg City is opened.


Sales-Lenz Agencies

Contact with customers improved thanks to the opening of travel agencies in Mersch (1979), Esch-sur-Alzette (1989), City Concorde (1995), Dudelange (1997) as well as Luxembourg-Gare (1998) and Ettelbruck (1998). Sales-Lentz is now one of the largest bus and travel companies in Luxembourg.


Marc and Jos - Associates

The two sons and current shareholders Marc and Jos Sales took over the family business, which they are now successfully leading into the new millennium.


New Buses

Marc and Jos Sales set important milestones by partially renewing the vehicle fleet and expanding into the north of the country with their acquisition of Frisch Rambrouch Autocars and Ross Troine Autocars.


Travel Pro acquisition

The company continued to expand and diversify its services, with the acquisition of Travel Pro, an expert in business travel that guaranteed a competitive and professional service to all its customers.


Easybycoach becomes flibco.com

easybycoach.com becomes flibco.com. It was under this new name that Sales-Lentz’s famous innovation was launched, the low-cost airport shuttle service.


Preparing for the Future

The company experienced significant growth. In 14 years, the group tripled its turnover, the fleet grew from 93 vehicles to 320, the number of travel agencies from 4 to 19 points of sale and the number of employees from 120 to 750. It was important to set the stage for continued success.


Logo & C.I. Change

Logo and C.I. change Moving People – to respond to the cosmopolitan changes in society, the company decided to employ a slogan in English. It was not only a façade renovation, the aim was to create a strong and unique identity around a MISSION, a VISION and PRINCIPLES with which each employee of the group can identify.


First hybrid bus

The first Volvo hybrid bus in the world.


Label INDR

The group was one of the first companies to receive the ESR label from INDR. This award represented an additional motivation to continue promoting sustainable development through innovative ideas and projects.


Acquisition of Voyages Léonard Belgique

Acquisition of Voyages Léonard, the French-speaking Belgian leader in coach holidays throughout Europe.


Luxembourg prize for quality and excellence

Sales-Lentz is awarded the Luxembourg Prize for Quality and Excellence.


Name change "we love to travel"

Sales-Lentz travel agencies changed their name to We love to travel.


Sales-Lentz Group name change

The company united all group entities under one roof with the name: Sales-Lentz Group.


Executive Lane

Another breakthrough and a first on the market in the Greater Region. With Executive Lane, Sales-Lentz Group launched a new dimension in personalised travel with high-end limousines and concierge services provided by Dekra D1 certified drivers, an exclusivity in Luxembourg.


The first Navya autonomous shuttle, 100% electric

Despite its small size (4.75m), it can carry up to 12 people and is particularly practical for short journeys: first and last miles.


New depot in Esch/Belval for Sales-Lentz

The 10th bus depot was opened in Esch/Belval with a surface area of 2900m2.


The Launch of the Moyocci brand


flibco.com launches Door2Gate

A new mobility formula to and from Brussels South Charleroi Airport.
On board a comfortable vehicle and together with other users, passengers are accompanied from their front door to the BSCA entrances.
The software developed by flibco.com optimizes the routes and guarantees the punctuality of the shuttles by defining the best possible itinerary.


flibco.com starts its services in Italy

Flibco.com has chosen Italy as the next step in its expansion and opens its first office in Milan.


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