Responsibility for our employees

We want to inspire not only our customers, but also our employees.

Our success is only possible through their daily commitment, which is why it is also particularly important for us to encourage them on a daily basis. Everyone can share ideas and suggestions openly, because we love it when simple ideas turn into extraordinary innovations.

We support them through continuous professional development and offer performance-based opportunities for advancement. Equal opportunities and respectful and cooperative treatment are a matter of course for us.

As a traditional family business, we stand for stability and reliability. We are aware of our responsibility towards our employees and want to offer them a healthy, safe and stimulating working environment.

Working environment

We are convinced that every employee can make a difference. We therefore attach great importance to a pleasant and stimulating working environment.

Friendly cooperation

Mutual help, openness, collegiality, trust, exchange, appreciation and respect are the cornerstones of our dynamic working atmosphere. As a team, you get ahead faster, which is why cooperative and friendly interaction is a priority for us. In many departments, company and team events take place on a regular basis, where fun is not neglected outside of work. It is not uncommon for colleagues to become friends for life.

Internal communications

When passing on important information, our employees always have priority. Through our social intranet "SLG Backstage" we provide important information, promote open dialogue and conduct feedback surveys. Thanks to the mobile app solution, everyone can be reached quickly. They are part of the SLG community and can ask questions, join in the discussion, express ideas or simply show support.

Flexible working hours

The flexibilisation of work location and working hours was driven by the pandemic. In many areas we can now offer flexible and family-friendly working conditions.

Training & careers

(S)he who learns wins! We promote the development and skills as well as the personal progression of our employees.

Further training opportunities

We support the development of our employees' talents and offer a comprehensive training and learning programme. Online courses and webinars in particular can be easily integrated into everyday work. Regular participation in conferences, expert lectures or trade fairs not only increases skills and knowledge, but also motivation and performance in everyday professional life.


No matter what quickens your pulse: travel, technology, e-mobility, marketing & finance, we offer many opportunities to learn your dream job.

In the 2022/2023 school year, we have

  • 1 apprentice in the field of tourism
  • 3 apprentices in the field of mechatronics
  • 1 apprentice in the field of bodywork
  • 3 apprentices in the field of administration

Further training in the field of digitalisation

A constantly changing world of work and advancing digitalisation demand continuous training.


Safety & health

Safety is the top priority in everything we do. All employees should be able to work in as healthy and protected a manner as possible.

Driving safety training

Safety starts with prevention, so our staff and drivers are trained according to the requirements applicable to their activities. All drivers take part in special driving training courses that teach them how to drive proactively and react quickly in dangerous situations.

Employee protection during the pandemic

Especially in times of new challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic, it is important to protect employees in the best possible way. We set up special protective installations at all locations and informed our team about the current protective measures and rules of conduct via the internal digital communication platform as well as via notices.

Fire protection & emergency supplies

Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and first aid materials are available everywhere and are regularly maintained.

Cultural diversity

Diversity is not a trend for us, but a necessity. We believe that working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and ways of thinking helps us to become better.


SLG teams are made up of people from more than 45 different nationalities.

We are proud of our multicultural working environment and firmly believe that this very diversity is part of our success.

The Sales-Lentz brand is also a signatory of the "Charte de la diversité Lëtzebuerg" through which we commit to promoting diversity, cohesion and social justice.


As a large team, we treat each other with respect and appreciation.

We stand for absolute equality and reject any form of discrimination based on gender, origin, religion, age, appearance, sexual orientation, gender identity and physical or mental disability.

Be as you are!

What counts for us is commitment and motivation, not origin or ethnicity.

We don't just look at CVs; personal, social and methodological skills - so-called 'soft skills' - are just as important to us. soft skills » - sont tout aussi importantes pour nous.

We are looking for talented people who have the courage to question previous solutions and think outside the box.

In our eyes, a lifelong willingness to learn is one of the most important qualities in today's labour market. For SLG it is important that our talents can develop their professional and personal excellence.
The #teamdrivenbytomorrow is always looking for new talent! You can find current vacancies on our job portal.